Cooling Off and Slowing Down

Let’s be honest, it’s hot. I spent many summers of my childhood visiting family in Tucson. As a kid the heat didn’t seem to phase me; in fact, I have many fond memories romping around the desert getting into trouble with my cousins. Having planted my roots in Tucson just under a decade ago I’d like to think I’ve earned my desert stripes. But that doesn’t mean I’m resilient to the heat. Lately, I’ve found it difficult to keep up with my normal routine. This can be frustrating with a daunting schedule full of life obligations. Whether it’s work demands, nurturing relationships, household chores, fueling creativity, moving the body, expanding the mind or nourishing one’s self with food, the magnitude of this list can become rather taxing. Sometimes after a long day (or week) of over 110 degree heat, preparing a meal over a hot stove or fitting in a quick work-out sounds like the last thing my body wants. At the rate we’re going, our bodies are bound to get burnt out at some point, and they just might, if we let them. Continue Reading

Going Beyond the Calories

by Katie Lehn, RD This time of year sparks a mindset of new beginnings. Unfortunately, resolutions often dwindle before we’re able to fully commit to them. This year, consider committing yourself to not only diet change, but to lifestyle transformation. Sign-on to not just one resolution, but a life aimed towards nourishing your body. In this sense, nourishment is not exclusive to food but encompasses our mind, body and spirit. Continue Reading

Cultivating a Mindful Holiday

As Halloween passes we are in full steam ahead to the holiday season. One must tread lightly; Halloween candy is on sale and this is only the beginning of many temptations to come. Take a moment to think back on your last holiday season. You may notice that health was not at the forefront, and you’re not alone! It’s easy to get distracted by all the ribbons, bows and sparkle of the holidays, but it’s not fair to use this as an excuse. Continue Reading