Customized Supplement Protocol

Dietary supplements can be used to meet basic nutritional needs or to optimize function of body systems. Are you confused about which supplements to take? Do you worry that you are getting too much of some nutrients, and perhaps missing out on others? After an initial session, we will synthesize your health history, genetic predisposition, current diet and existing lifestyle factors to create a Customized Supplement Protocol to ensure you are meeting all of your nutritional needs. We can even design packets that are built specifically to your nutrient needs!

Prothera and Metagenics are reputable professional supplement lines that have excellent quality control measures and I use these companies for the majority of  supplement recommendations. I have used Prothera and Metagenics products for years, and I recommend them to my family and friends.

Nourishing Results, LLC participates in an affiliate program with Prothera and Metagenics, so when you purchase supplements through Hana a percentage of your purchase returns to Nourishing Results, LLC. This does not affect your cost.

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