Cooking School

We are developing some exciting Cooking Classes! We can’t wait to publish dates. Please stay tuned.

Kids Can Cook

Get your child engaged and hands-on. We will teach them how to pack their own lunch, make balanced snacks and even prepare delicious treats.

Anti-Inflammatory Functional Flavors

Our diets are deficient in herbs and spices. Learn more about the anti-inflammatory diet and the role herbs and spices play. Gain confidence in integrating herbs and spices into anti-inflammatory meals and snacks.

Living With Diabetes 1 & 2

People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes often have so many questions and are overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition information available to them. This two part cooking class begins by familiarizing you with what to eat–which carbs to eat and which to avoid, how much, how to keep track and how to maintain balance. In the second class the focus in on cooking meals that are appropriate for managing blood glucose. The meals are delicious and easy to prepare so that you are well-equipped to live a healthy, long life.