How many veggies will you eat today?

Did you reach the goal of 8 servings of non-starchy vegetables per day?

Slam dunk!

How did you do it? Post a comment below and share your experiences so that other people can learn from you.

Missed the mark?

What were your challenges? Thinking through why it was difficult will help you to identify where to focus your attention in order to be most successful with lifestyle change.

Keep cooking!

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2 thoughts on “How many veggies will you eat today?

  1. No success here. It’s hard for me because to me and my tastes, there is not a lot of variety in the vege world. How many different things can I do to a salad if I only like tomato, cucumber and lettuce (debatable whether I actually like lettuce)!? You see my dilemma. I still ate my vegetables, but not eight servings. Another thing I tried to think about was adding vegetables to breakfast. This is difficult and I still haven’t mastered it though I do like tomatoes and cottage cheese together. I can always keep trying 🙂

    • Tomatoes and cottage cheese sounds like the place to start! Keep trying. Our taste buds are adaptable and so with time you may come to like a wider variety of veggies. You can mix up salads by using herbs or different types of vinegars as salad dressing. Keep smiling while you eat that lettuce!

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