New Foods & Old Foods in New Ways

Last Thursday, live on KVOA, I talked about the importance of new approaches to health resolutions.  Particularly for weight loss, we use the same strategies with every weight loss attempt.

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One way to start fresh is to try new foods.  I challenge you to try one new food each week, or at least one new food per month.  Try a completely unfamiliar food, like kobucha squash perhaps, or try old foods in new ways like a beet, grapefruit and avocado salad.

You’ve certainly heard of all three of these; beets, grapefruit and avocado are not uncommon items in the grocery store, but have you tasted them lately?  Have you tried them in this combination?  For most people, beets are somewhat scary and unfamiliar, grapefruits are much too tart and avocado are a diet no-no due to their high fat content.

Don’t let beets intimidate you.

Just cut off the ends and either plop into a saucepan full of water and boil until soft, or wrap in aluminum foil and roast at 400 degrees until soft.  It’ll take a while for beets to cook, just check them every once in a while by poking them with a fork.  When they are done, let them cool.  Once cool the skin will peel off.  If you’ve ever had beets and thought they tasted dirty, it was probably because they weren’t peeled.  If you boil them, save the water.  It will be beet-red and lots of fun to dye eggs in.  Even though it’s not Easter, it’s still fun to dye hardboiled eggs.  The beet-water is also good in smoothies.

What an absolutely beautiful grapefruit!

Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious!  I don’t usually care for grapefruit because they really are tart, but when Sara started sucking the juice out of one while I was cutting up the beets, I tried a piece.  It was so sweet!  So head out to Sunflower right now and pick up a few; you’d better hurry Sara was already asking for more this morning.

Change your view on high-fat foods.

Avocados are indeed high in fat, but they are a plant-food, which means the fat is a favorable type.  When you mix the avocado, cubed beets and diced grapefruit together, the smoothness of the avocado is a welcome addition.  With the richness of the avocado and sweet-tart flavor of the grapefruit to balance the beets, you don’t need anything else to flavor this simple salad, it’s completely satisfying with just three ingredients.

Little Dena even wanted a taste of this colorful salad!

You have to wait Dena, just two more weeks until your first foods!

Never heard of the kobucha squash I brought to KVOA?  Check out these tasty ideas:


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