Real weight loss happens here. With real food and real changes.

No more yo-yo dieting. No more body shaming! With this program you will learn how to manage your weight-forever. You will learn how to nourish your body with good food, exercise and relaxation. In doing so, you will feel in control of your body and health, reduce your medications and feel a renewed sense of vitality.

We address all aspects of weight loss in this comprehensive 1-year program:

  1. Uncover the underlying imbalances that impact your weight (inflammation, hormonal imbalanced, toxicity etc.)
  2. What to eat and when to eat
  3. Exercise
  4. Socializing and eating out
  5. Family dynamics
  6. Meal planning
  7. Stress and emotions
  8. Self-monitoring
  9. Recommended lab tests (cholesterol, blood glucose, thyroid, nutrient levels, gut health, food sensitivities, etc)
  10. Accountability
Our approach is all about you!
There is no such thing as one diet for all.
We are all individuals, and to be successful in managing your weight, your approach needs to be dynamically customized to you.cocktail-be-kindIf you don’t believe you can enjoy food and lose weight, this program is for you!


We provide accountability, delicious and easy recipes and, best of all, your own personal nutritionist to guide you to your new life.

Weight Loss Program Details

Weight Loss Month 1

Week 1: Initial Assessment & Plan (90-minutes)

Weeks 2-4: Weekly Consultations (Three 45-minute appointments)

  • The first month establishes a proper course for you with weekly consultations. We will cover all the necessary aspects of nutrition, food, exercise and weight management.
Weight Loss Months 2 and 3

Weeks 5-12: Weekly Check-Ins (Eight 25-minute appointments)

  • Maintain accountability and continue to troubleshoot challenges and further individualize your weight management plan. Weekly check in coaching sessions brings you to three months of successful behavior change.
Weight Loss Months 4, 5 and 6

Monthly Accountability Sessions (Three 45-minute appointments)

  • After three months of intensive lifestyle management, monthly Accountability Sessions ensure that you don’t slide back into old habits. These sessions also allow for continued growth and individualization of your diet/lifestyle approach.
Weight Loss at 1 Year

Annual Review (One 45-minute session)

  • Complete your program 1 year after you start to celebrate your successful weight management to document what’s working and what’s not. This session allows for clarity regarding what it took to achieve your goals, and this process is the final key to transforming your body, mind and lifestyle.

Program Fee: $1065

We are flexible. Modifications to this program can be made to meet your needs.

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