There is no end to the fun and learning with Nourishing Results’ Nutrition Coaching and Interactive Experiences! Choose from the Packages described here to achieve the good health you want.

Transformation Series 

Transform your life by revolutionizing your kitchen and relationship to food. We will work together to address the complex layers of food, nutrition, lifestyle factors and exercise. It starts with an initial nutrition assessment, followed by a Pantry Makeover, Grocery Store Tour, Cooking Class and Dine with the Dietitian. You will maintain your momentum, troubleshoot barriers and overcome challenges with monthly Nutrition Coaching sessions.

Deconstructing Nutrition

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused when you think about what to eat and what to buy? Get the tools and understanding that you need to feel confident at the grocery store. It starts with an initial nutrition session, followed by two unique Grocery Store Tours to explore the two distinct areas of the store. Rather than being overwhelmed with information, each Tour is analyzed and reviewed in Nutrition Coaching sessions.

Home Makeover

There’s no place like home. And that’s the truth when it comes to nutrition assessment. With the Home Makeover, you will uncover all the triggers in your home environment that are sabotaging your progress. All appointments are conducted in your home so that we have easy access to your kitchen, pantry, living room, and dining room. Get ready to makeover your Kitchen, Pantry and Cooking Style.

Gluten-Free For Life

Are you newly diagnosed with celiac disease? Or have you had celiac for years but don’t feel that you fully understand how to live well and eat gluten-free? Learn everything you need to know about eating and living gluten-free from a dietitian with celiac disease! It starts with an initial nutrition session and Gluten-Free Supplement Protocol followed by the Gluten-Free Safe Zone, a Gluten-Free Grocery Store Tour, Dine with the Dietitian and a Nutrition Coaching Session to wrap it all up. A Gluten-Free Cooking Class is an optional add on.

Fertility Foods Pre-Conception Package

Boost your fertility with nourishing food and lifestyle habits. The Fertility Foods Pre-Conception Package teaches you how to eat to increase your chances of conceiving naturally or with assisted reproductive technologies. It starts with an initial session, development of your Customized Supplement Protocol and is followed by a Grocery Store Tour and Kitchen Makeover. Nutrition Coaching throughout ensures that you and your partner are able to enact lifestyle changes to improve both male and female fertility. After 4 months you will be primed and ready to conceive!

Build Your Own Program

Select from any of the Interactive Services to create a nutrition program just for you. Unsure where to start? We can build your program together.

A La Carte

Nutrition Consultation & Coaching, along with any of the Interactive Services are available a la carte. Bundled nutrition programs receive a 15% discount.