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A Bit About Hana

I founded Nourishing Results in 2008. From the moment I became a dietitian,photo-74 I have wanted to serve the people of Tucson. I have celiac disease and autoimmune thyroid disease, and I have healed my body using food and integrative nutrition from the fall out of having had undiagnosed celiac for the majority of my life. If you have complex health problems that seem to have no known cause, I know all about it. I’ve been there. These personal experiences have solidified my commitment to providing the very best care to people and to finding the root cause of health problems. In addition to working as the full-time owner of Nourishing Results, I have two amazing little girls, and my husband has type 1 diabetes. Needless to say, food and nutrition play strong roles in our lives. We love to be outside, cooking or creating some fun craft with the kids. I am a real person walking her talk and I hope this blog inspires you to do the same.


A Bit About Katie

I developed a passion for nutrition at a young age cooking with my mother and father.  As a result, cooking became a beloved hobby of mine and led me to the path of becoming a registered dietitian.  After consulting a dietitian as a teenager I was introduced to the power of healthy eating.  Since that time it has been my goal to provide others with the knowledge needed to grasp this feeling of wellness.  My love of food is in no way lacking and with that, I am a believer that healthful eating can be both nutritious and flavorful.   I grew up exploring the cascading sandstone in Page, Arizona but frequently visited Tucson to see family.  The Old Pueblo stole my heart after visiting as a child and my love of the community only continued to grow after moving here in 2008.  I enjoy dancing, pottery, exploring the outdoors and cooking for family and friends.  I truly love this community and am excited to contribute to its growth one vegetable at a time.

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The Recipes


Every recipe is gluten-free. Many are dairy-free or vegetarian. They are all delicious and good for you! We believe in eating minimally processed, whole foods full of nourishment, and that is what you find here. Each recipe came from our kitchens and uses foods and ingredients that improve the way your body and mind function.

The Articles

The articles on this site are evidenced-based, yet progressive and unconventional. Nutrition is so complex, and mainstream nutrition information tends to be jaded by the food industry, someone trying to sell something or the lack of well-designed studies. We have been working in the field of nutrition and wellness for over 10 years, and  know how difficult it is to control for all the variables that influence food, nutrition and health. The articles on this site are meant to inform you, so that you can begin to understand the complexities of food and nutrition, and so that you can advocate for yourself to find the best food, supplements, exercise, medications and stress management techniques that you need to achieve optimal health.