Diabetes De-mythed

By Katie Lehn, RD Did you know that insulin resistance and diabetes are the leading causes of heart disease? Managing blood sugar is critical to preventing and managing heart disease. Thinking about blood sugar control, may pose a threat to the joy associated with eating, however, lowering your blood sugar does not mean one must create […]

Cooking with Emotion

by Katie Lehn, RD A couple years ago I spent my first Christmas away from my immediate family. I was surprised by how much it affected me. It’s funny how you don’t realize the role company plays during the holidays until it’s lacking. I enjoyed a lovely Christmas with my extended family in Tucson, however, […]

Cooking for One Made Glamorous

Just as autonomy does not equal monotony, cooking for one doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s far from it! It’s time to put a different spin on single life in the kitchen. Whether you find yourself alone in the kitchen every night or just on occasion when a roommate or significant other is away, […]

Meal Planning Like a Pro

Whether you’re starting back to school or just feeling the urge to get back in the groove after a summer vacation, now is the perfect time to hone those meal-planning skills. Too often what we eat gets shoved to the back burner becoming a mindless act.

No Oven Required Cooking

As the temperature climbs I am noticing myself starting to sweat in the kitchen. Which means it’s time to break out recipes that don’t require the oven heating up the kitchen. Don’t let the desert heat get in the way of preparing flavorful and nourishing meals! Learn to love summer cooking by getting creative and […]