Cool Summer Treats

Summer time in Tucson, Arizona (or anyplace for that matter) can be a challenging time for any ice cream fanatic, myself included. While I fully support the mentality of moderation, as the heat rises we may find ourselves being a little less strict on what really qualifies as moderation. It may go from 1 scoop […]

No Oven Required Cooking

As the temperature climbs I am noticing myself starting to sweat in the kitchen. Which means it’s time to break out recipes that don’t require the oven heating up the kitchen. Don’t let the desert heat get in the way of preparing flavorful and nourishing meals! Learn to love summer cooking by getting creative and […]

Bento Box Lunch Kits

Can you believe that it is “Back-to-School” time already!! Many Tucson kids started back last week. For those of you that have school-age kids you are likely thinking about what to pack for lunch to ensure that your child is well-fed, energetic, happy and healthy. Adult or child, who doesn’t want to be well-fed, energetic, […]

Mexican Hot Cocoa

What a tasty treat! Hot cocoa spiked with cinnamon is simply delicious. With high quality chocolate it’s indulgent.  This is a fun gift that has Southwestern flair written all over it!  Use old jars and ribbon for a very inexpensive and thoughtful gift. Cocoa has antioxidant power that helps to reduce the risk for heart […]

Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is another Thanksgiving classic that can be modified to be a bit tastier, a lot healthier and certainly more special.  Usually the casserole is made with condensed cream of mushroom soup which provides half your daily dose of sodium in one portion. Furthermore, 50% of its calories come from fat. When you check the ingredient […]

Avoid Sugar Landmines with A Homemade Granola Bar

In preparation for this week’s KVOA segment, I went to a “regular” grocery store, rather than Sunflower Market, to get some sugar-laden beverages, cereals and granola bars.  On Thursday, I’ll be talking about alcohol and sugar, two things that should be limited to avoid cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It was an eye-opening experience.  These […]

Do-It-Yourself Lara Bars

Lara Bars are one of our favorite go-to snacks. They are easy, tasty and best of all, really good for you. Sara loves them!  Because the ingredients are so simple, fruits and nuts, I thought they would be super easy to make. Sure enough, even a two-year old can do it! I created the recipe […]