New to Exercise? Here’s How to Start.

A few weeks ago we heard from Debbi Omizo Banis from Body Resolution who gave us some awesome advice about muscle imbalances and maintaining motivation to exercise. Now we will hear from my long time friends Sarah and Craig Smith. This physical therapist couple speaks to those of you starting a new workout routine and looking for some guidance. New To Exercise? Here’s Where to Start. ...
Douglas springs trail

My Favorite Workouts

I love to exercise. But I didn't always love it. I grew up swimming and I didn't really consider that exercise. It wasn't, it was just playing and having fun in pool. Even when I swam competitively I never it took it that seriously; I swam because I liked it. When I was in high school I played soccer for the first time. Actually, I ran for the first time, and I struck the ground with my heel so hard that with each stride it hurt more and more. So literally my coach and teammates had to teach me how to run. When I went to college I didn't have a team to play soccer with or swim team to compete on, so I basically stopped exercising. It wasn't something I thought much about, which was particularly odd for an exercise physiology student. ...

Best Choices for Optimal Cellular Function

Most of us want to live long and vibrant lives, which means cellular function must be maintained, and furthermore, optimized, as we age. Every cell in our body has specific nutrient requirements to maintain function, and by providing the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, we are able to feed our cells what they need.  When considering conception and pregnancy, these concepts apply. The goal is provide reproductive organs and cells with required nutrients to ensure that an oocyte (an egg) and sperm are able to join, implant and develop appropriately. Click here for a downloadable list of the Best Choices listed below. ...

What’s Your 2014 Exercise Goal?

Last year my husband and I set the goal to run 1000 miles. On New Year's Eve he had 1 mile to go and I had 2 two miles to go. So, on the snowy icy road outside of our cabin in Greer we each ran our last mile or two and met our goal of 1000 miles. Set a goal and track it. This will keep you moving all year long. Here are a few ideas from current and past clients:
  • Create a list of 12 best hikes and schedule them one per month. Some can be hikes near year and others destination hikes.
  • Hold a plank for 1 minute on each side and 2 minutes on the front.
  • Sign up for your first triathlon late this year and train for it.
  • Do hot yoga 45 times.
  • Do 100 or 150 strength training workouts.
  • Do some type of physical activity every other day to achieve 183 workouts this year.
My 2014 Goal: 10,000 minutes of activity ...