Reconsider your New Year’s Resolution

January is the time of resolutions but it shouldn’t be the time for unrealistic goals. Resolutions can help for some, but setting an unreachable goal will only lead to disappointment.  Most resolutions start of with a bang and end up fading by February (or sooner). Not only are resolutions unrealistic, but they are often confining. Don’t limit your possibilities by putting yourself into a box. Continue Reading

The Key to Functional Fitness: Address Core Muscle Imbalances

To support this month’s Challenge to Get Moving, I have interviewed a number of local experts to learn more about exercise, the best workouts and how to stay motivated. First we will hear from Body Resolution's Debbi Omizo Banis (pictured on the right). I love how well she explains these concepts and I appreciate the reminder to mix up my workouts to address how my body is functioning. Continue Reading