Cultivating a Mindful Holiday

As Halloween passes we are in full steam ahead to the holiday season. One must tread lightly; Halloween candy is on sale and this is only the beginning of many temptations to come. Take a moment to think back on your last holiday season. You may notice that health was not at the forefront, and you’re not alone! It’s easy to get distracted by all the ribbons, bows and sparkle of the holidays, but it’s not fair to use this as an excuse. Continue Reading

Redefine Your Beauty

We often talk about the concept of a healthy body, mind and spirit but what is the true meaning behind that? What does a healthy mind look like or more so… feel like? Achieving a healthy mind starts by implementing self-care into our lives daily. Some of us may practice a form of self-care already, such as taking a bubble bath or reading an enjoyable book with a cup of tea. These acts of self-care help to nourish our mind, however some self-care practices encourage us to go a little deeper. Self-love is another concept of self-care, which is defined as the “regard for one's own well-being and happiness.” Learning to love yourself for who you are is one of the most important steps toward a healthy mind. Continue Reading