We will empower you to experience vitality with optimal physical and mental health.

Nourishing Results is the office of integrative nutritionists Hana Abdulaziz Feeney, MS, RD and Katie Ann Lehn, RD. You will feel the profound sense of well-being when you work with our Integrative, Holistic and Functional approach.

You will be heard and supported.

Here you will find a partner on your journey to optimal, vibrant and excellent health. A greater understanding of your body and the power of nutrition will inspire you. We work with adults, children, couples and families with a wide range of health and wellness concerns.

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The office address is:

2970 N. Swan, Plaza Palomino, suite 220

What Do Our Clients Say?

“Thanks, Katie Lehn for helping me to keep my weight off,  reducing blood pressure and eating healthier.” ~TW

“Thanks, Hana Feeney for helping me feel strong around my food choices.” ~CP

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