Nutrition-Related Tests

There are a variety of lab tests available to you that allow for better understanding of nutritional status, metabolism, gut function and autoimmunity.

These tests identify the root causes of fatigue, low sex drive, difficulty losing weight, migraines, infertility, gut problems, blood sugar fluctuations, anxiety and other common complaints.

  • Standard labs: CBC, metabolic panel, vitamin D, iron panel, ferritin, c-reactive protein, hemoglobin A1C, advanced lipids
  • Comprehensive vitamin/mineral/antioxidant assessment
  • Markers of intestinal microbial imbalances
  • Food sensitivities (How Food Sensitivities Trigger Symptoms)
  • Nutrigenomics (genes that indicate nutrient metabolism and utilization)

The field of personalized nutrition allows you to match food and supplements directly to your needs, as well as understand the root causes your health problems. It’s exciting! These tests are invaluable to healing your body and mind for long-lasting results.