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Meal Plan For The Week

My Ask a Nutritionist column for Fleet Feet Tucson this month focused on one essential change for the New Year and my recommendation is to create a weekly meal plan. This is the key to achieving any food- or health-related goal. From weight loss, to fitness and to managing health concerns, it all begins with thinking ahead to ensure that you have the food available that your body needs. Continue reading

No Added Sugar Desserts Cookbook

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet. The holidays are in full swing and we are doing a lot of cooking and baking in our house! From Thanksgiving to New Year, gathering for holiday meals is important to our family. Desserts are a part of these meals, and I love when the dessert we’ve prepared is full of good-for-us ingredients. Continue reading

Nutrition & Thyroid Disease

A friend of mine asked if there was anything that I recommend for thyroid issues. The answer is YES!! Nutrients are involved every step of the way in creating and transforming thyroid hormones, and supporting the use of thyroid hormones in tissues throughout the body. Additionally, nearly all thyroid diseases are autoimmune diseases, however this is rarely discussed in conventional medicine. Continue reading