Creative, practical and diverse strategies for your needs, not someone ‘like’ you
We are food-loving experts—not the food police
Start living with optimal physical and mental health


The fact is, most health-related concerns are not medical — they are rooted in lifestyle choices and nutrition. We listen with open minds and without judgement to uncover the root causes of your health/wellness concerns. Then we work with you to develop creative, practical and diverse strategies that fit you and your body. Here you will find a partner on your journey to optimal and vibrant health.

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Integrative nutrition

Our progressive approach achieves profound results using diverse nutritional approaches for a unique experience based on your body's needs.

Holistic nutrition

All aspects of your health — mind, body and spirit — are taken into account, assessing diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, stress and happiness, to put you on a better path.

Functional nutrition

We go beyond treating symptoms; we work to uncover the cause of your health/wellness challenges so you achieve and maintain optimal health.

Meet the Integrative Dietitian

Nourishing Results is home to a food-loving, integrative dietitian ready to help you feel great, look radiant, and achieve optimal health

Hana Abdulaziz Feeney, MS, RD

Hana has unique expertise in eating disorders, hormone balance, weight management, mental health, complex health challenges, and is Tucson’s only nutrition specialist in autoimmunity.

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