Nourishing Results
Nourishing Results
Integrative Nutrition Consultation & Coaching

integrative, holistic & functional

Nutrition coaching & consultation


your food-loving partner — not the food police

Most health-related concerns are not medical — they are rooted in thoughts and beliefs, lifestyle choices and nutritional outcomes. Hana listens with an open mind and without judgement to uncover the root causes of your health/wellness concerns. Then works with you to develop creative, practical and diverse strategies that fit you - your body-mind and your life.

Here you will find a partner on your journey to optimal wellness and vibrant well-being.

You will not be given a diet

Diet plans and programs reinforce the diet mentality that surrounds us. Rather than another diet, you will experience a new way to understand your body and how to nourish yourself.

You will learn, or relearn, how to nourish yourself.


Become empowered and experience vitality.

You can increase your energy, improve your digestion, support your immune system, boost your mood, balance your hormones and heal your relationship with food.

Positive nutrition and nourishing foods are key components to achieving vitality.

Nourishing Results is home to Hana Abdulaziz Feeney, MS, RD, an integrative dietitian-nutritionist ready to help you feel great, radiate energy and achieve optimal well-being.