"I feel heard."

— person with chronic complex fatigue

"That was the most informative appointment I’ve had in a long time."

— person with digestive symptoms/complaints

"Very good discussion. Enjoyed the information & wanted to hear more."

— first time client

"Thanks, Hana for helping me feel strong around my food choices."

— person with an eating disorder

"You’ve been instrumental in helping me with important lifestyle changes and understanding the manner in which my body “works”; I can’t begin to thank you enough!"

— person with Diabetes & Arthritis

"I have been able to maintain my weight loss for the first time in my life."

— person with long history of weight loss & regain

"I have learned more with you than with anyone else I've ever worked with, thank you!"

— person with complex health issues

"Incredibly informative. hana was able to keep the information flow going, answer our questions, and keep it relevant and educational. There was a lot of material to cover, but she did a good job with covering pertinent topics and bringing up some interesting new developments in research findings."

— medical student, integrative nutrition seminar

“Thank you for trying to analyze my diet issues & encourage me.”

— person exploring weight management with non-diet approach

“Extremely helpful appointment to navigate new health issues.”

— person with new nutrition-related diagnoses

And more…

“Very helpful information. Listened to what I had to say and built on what I was already doing right.”

“You’ve been such a help. Thank you so much.”

“I really feel like we are making progress!”

“Excellent in every possible way!!!! Best of the Best!!!!!”