Best Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that dehydration is associated with mood swings, fatigue and higher levels of hunger? Often I hear from clients and patients that they didn't realize how poorly they felt until they began drinking enough water every day.The simplest way to ensure that you get enough water every day is to carry a reusable water bottle. You need about 1 ounce of fluid per pound of body weight every day to stay well-hydrated.Plastic water bottles and the epoxy linings of some stainless steel water bottles contain phthalates and bis-phenol A (BPA), which are endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals we should all avoid. Here's what to look for in a good bottle:

  • Food-grade stainless steel not plastic
  • No interior lining, but if there is an interior lining it should be BPA-free and phthalate-free
When you use a reusable stainless steel water bottle, not only will you be protecting your health, you will be protecting the environment as well.Top PicksHydro Flask. This bottle keeps water COLD! It's unbelievable how well it works. Even in the summertime water stays cool in this bottle. You can also buy this flip top attachment for the wide-mouth bottle so that you don't have to screw off the top to drink. There is also a lifetime warranty on all of their bottles.Kleen Kanteen. I like this bottle that has a sport top because it is easy to drink out of. This bottle comes in three sizes to best meet your needs and preferences.Hydrate Anywhere, AnytimePut a reusable water bottle on your holiday gift wish list or give a water bottle as a healthy gift. Take your water bottle and refill throughout your day.
I've used, recommended, and gifted Kleen Kanteen and HydroFlask for years. I don't receive any kickbacks from Kleen Kanteen or HydroFlask to promote these bottles, I simply like them and recommend them all the time. But I am an Amazon Affiliate so you can support Nourishing Results by clicking to Amazon from my website to make purchases.Material on this blog is provided for informational purposes only. It is general information that may not apply to you as an individual, and is not a substitute for personalized nutrition or health advice or healthcare. Never disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical care because of something you have read or accessed through this website.