Cherry Hemp Smoothie

IMG_5516Hemp milk has a smooth, creamy texture and contains amino acids that support the immune system; hemp is also an environmentally-friendly vegetarian source of protein and essential fatty acids. It is an excellent option for anyone in the market for a non-dairy milk, in fact, it is my favorite non-dairy milk.In my Ask the Nutritionist column for Fleet Feet, I was asked "what's the deal with hemp protein?" I'll answer that question later this month and felt inspired to share a delicious smoothie made with hemp milk and cherries. Cherries are a great source of quercetin, which is a immune booster known to be helpful during endurance training and acts as an anti-inflammatory that can help manage gout. This smoothie is the perfect blend of anti-inflammatories to support muscle recovery from exercise, to reduce inflammation in achy joints or to simply start the day off right!Cherry Hemp Smoothie with Almond Butter

  • 1 cup frozen organic cherries
  • 1 cup plain, unsweetened hemp milk (Living Harvest Tempt Hempmilkis my favorite)
  • 2 tablespoons natural almond butter

Place ingredients in blender and blend until smoothie and creamy.I often have a smoothie with breakfast, and breakfast always contains of eggs or another high-protein food. If you aren't enjoying this smoothie with additional protein, make it a meal-replacement smoothie by adding silken organic tofu or Hemp Protein Powder.Nutrition DetailsGluten-free, dairy-free, veganMakes a 12 ounce smoothie: 330 calories, 23.7 grams fat, 3 grams saturated fat, 24 grams carbohydrate, 5.5 grams fiber, 17 grams natural sugar, 0 grams added sugar, 8 grams proteinMaterial on this blog is provided for informational purposes only. It is general information that may not apply to you as an individual, and is not a substitute for personalized nutrition or health advice or healthcare. Never disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical care because of something you have read or accessed through this website.