Chocolate Pumpkin Pancakes (Grain-Free)

Sometimes our made up recipes are the best! We started with the request for pancakes, and so we began to make Elena's Pantry Almond Flour Pancakes. Then we thought, "pumpkin!", after all our Halloween decorations have been up for a week already and pumpkin puree is full of vitamin A and other protective nutrients. Then Dena thought of "chocolate!". And that's how we came up with an absolutely nourishing breakfast. Many people think anything chocolaty is not good for you. Let this be a reminder that cocoa powder is an antioxidant powerhouse! If cocoa powder takes our pancakes from the same-ole, same-ole to an awesome breakfast "treat", so be it.Enjoy these plain, or top with any natural nut butter, jam, honey or 100% maple syrup. Like one of my kiddo clients said last week, "make smiley faces" with sliced fruit and have fun with it.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:37]