Fall Detox Challenge

I heard a lot about cleanses and detox diets for weight loss this week. Friends on Facebook, clients and people in workshops are all asking the same thing, "How can I lose weight and clean up my diet? I want to feel refreshed!".Can you detox to lose weight? Why would detoxing work for weight loss? I'll tell you why detox matters, and give you a checklist to get started.Is Detoxification Important For Weight Loss?Yes! The liver is miraculous, but it can only handle so many toxins before those toxins begin to spill over. The liver is one of the primary detoxification organs. It is responsible for transforming all toxins that we are exposed to and eliminating them. When toxins are not transformed properly and/or not eliminated completely, our toxic body burden increases. It is of utmost importance that toxins not circulate throughout the body damaging cells, organs and tissues, thus toxins will accumulate in body fat where they can be safely stowed away.One theory of weight loss resistance is that when the toxic body burden is high, fat storage will be prioritized because body fat is where toxins can be safely stored.Additionally, it is not uncommon to lose weight and then feel "stuck" at a weight loss plateau. During periods of body fat loss, toxins are mobilized from fat stores, and when liver detoxification is not capable of continuing to transform and eliminate these toxins, weight loss grinds to a halt as the importance of body fat to store toxins escalates.Fall Detox ChallengeI do not believe in short-term detoxifications. While you may have a dedicated focus for the next 1-3 months, the overall approach to diet and lifestyle must be maintained in the long-term.Just think, instead of the holidays weighing you down, leaving you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, you could feel better than you ever have before!Click here for your Detoxified Living Checklist. Download it today!Contact me if you have questions and for support in detoxifying your lifestyle.