"New-Age" Fruit of the Month

Gone are the days of "fruit-of-the-month" baskets. If you want to gift someone with year-round produce, invest in a community-supported agriculture (CSA) share.  Your gift will do more than please the recipient, it will show support for sustainable farming and your local economy.  You will give more than weekly fresh, organic produce, you will provide a connection to food that your loved one didn't previously have.  Plus, fresh, local and organic produce simply tastes better.A CSA share is a great gift for foodies, environmentalists, adventurous cooks, people trying to lose weight and those trying to introduce more veggies into their diet.  The recipient will pick up a box of seasonal produce each week and will enjoy a weekly infusion of lovely vegetables and fruits to explore and make a part of their healthy lifestyle.A special trip to the farmer's market, an adventure to Wilcox for apple picking, a simple package of seeds or a plot at a community garden are other wonderful gift ideas to consider.Check out  www.localharvest.com to find CSA's, farmer's markets and ranches in your area.  In Tucson, we have several CSA's listed below and more and more keep popping up.Down On The Farm CSA

  • 520-505-4382

Walking J Farm

Sleeping Frog Farms

Tucson CSA

Sunizona Family Farms

  • 520-824-3160

The River Road Gardens

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