New Ideas and Resources

I love that I get to share my knowledge to better the lives of others. And I love that I learn so much from each of you. Each client and patient shares information, insight and knowledge with me. Interactions with you all in my office, on Facebook, and on this blog, in body and in spirit inspire and motivate me every day.In the past few weeks I have been lucky to be on the receiving end of some pretty neat stuff! Thanks for opening up my world and sharing these new ideas and resources with me!

  • 20 Ways to Say No is an awesome list of politely genius ways of setting boundaries.
  • Grinding popcorn in the VitaMix was suggested to me by a client and was so fun to do. I wouldn't have done it without the question posed to me in a client session. Now I can save time, money and space by storing the whole grain popcorn and make my own corn meal, corn flour and polenta!
  • Life Coach Rachel Cole uses the principals of mindful and intuitive eating! Subscribe to her blog; it looks like she has some good stuff.
  • If mindful eating interests you, follow Evelyn Tribole on Twitter and check out the Intuitive Eating site. She and Elyse Resch are the original gurus and founders of Intuitive Eating.
  • Visit the Am I Hungry Facebook page for motivating, thoughtful and inspiring ideas.
  • Striiv has a new pedometer and links up with My Fitness Pal (a web-based food log with a Smart Phone app) so that you can log exercise and food in one place.
  • Elana's Pantry is a beautiful source of gluten-free recipes.
  • The Cycle Diet is the creation of another Registered Dietitian that uses nutrition therapy to enhance women's health and hormonal control.
  • More on Food and Mood from Today lists 10 foods that wreck your mood from the authors of the Happiness Diet.
  • I was reminded that Hint Water is truly delicious. Try all the cool flavors or make your own!

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