New Things at Nourishing Results

It's been a busy summer. Here is an update on the happenings at Nourishing Results, LLC:

  • The website had a complete overhaul and is now easier for you to navigate. On the right side of the website's homepage, there are three Categories: Recipes, Articles and Shopping Guides. Also on the right side of the homepage a variety of Topics are listed. Click on a topic to find related information. When in doubt, use the Search box at the top of the page to find what you are looking for.
  • Check out the Featured Articles & Recipes on the homepage; these are favorite posts to support the Monthly Challenge.
  • The Monthly Challenge Program is brand-new. This program will help you focus on one healthy habit each month with blog posts to support that goal keeping you engaged and motivated.
  • Please check out the Services page. Often people don't understand what exactly a nutritionist does. If you ever wondered how I spend my time, this page will tell you.
  • I have expanded the ways that we can work together, from Grocery Store Tours to Dining Out with the Dietitian, getting in touch with food is the best way to realize your nutrition, health and performance goals. I've had many people who have "a-ha" moments during a Personal Cooking Class or Kitchen Makeover.
  • On the homepage, scroll down a bit and you will find some of my favorite books and kitchen gear. I'll be expanding these resource listings throughout the fall.
  • I have an Intern! University of Arizona Nutritional Sciences senior, Amy Lake, will be working on a variety of projects in the office and on the blog.
  • Amy is working on an Index page for the Recipes. Stay tuned for this.
  • And finally, events! I am busy, busy at the UA planning the Food Day Fair coming up on October 23rd. The UA Gluten Free Club is organizing a fantastic Gluten Free Awareness Expo on November 17th. Mark these in your calendars!

Hana's New Hobby

I am honored to report that I have done a fair amount of writing, speaking and consultation for some very reputable organizations, and I have found a new passion in educating and supporting other health professionals.Earlier this summer, I wrote a module for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine's (AzCIM) Fellowship Program on Celiac Disease. This was a great opportunity to bring their curriculum up-to-date. Also, I just wrapped up a review of a new course  the AzCIM will launch next spring for nurses, dietitians, physical therapists and other health professionals to enhance their practice of integrative health care. Plus, I am gearing up for my twice yearly Anti-Inflammatory Diet lecture for medical students and residents that are a part of the Integrative Medicine Elective Rotation.Additionally, I wrote a series of Sport Nutrition slides for the Road Runners Clubs of America and provided a training to the Dietetics staff at the University of Arizona Medical Center on sport nutrition.It makes me giddy and honored to know that these organizations value nutrition, sought out my expertise, and are now equipped to provide accurate nutrition information.

I Love to Hear From You

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