Mango Cardamom Frozen Yogurt

As the weather gets warmer, I find my craving for cold treats beginning to heighten. But fear not! There's no need to turn a cold shoulder to your sweet tooth. Try out this tantalizing take on a mango lassi. It's creamy, sweet and made with no added sugar!Cardamom is the star player in this tasty treat, giving it a luxurious hint of earthy spice. The cardamom plant is a tropical shrub of the ginger family and shares a similar flavor profile along with a hint of lemon. It's aroma is unique and unmistakable with a reminiscence of pine and eucalyptus. This anti-inflammatory spice is known to relieve flatulence and indigestion, reduce pain, and freshen the breath. A perfect after-dinner treat![amd-zlrecipe-recipe:49]By Katie Lehn, RD