Nourishing Results is expanding!

Nourishing Results is now available as a full-time and full-service nutrition consulting and coaching business. I have recently resigned my half-time position at the University of Arizona in order to take Nourishing Results from part-time to full-time. It is deeply gratifying to tell my children, two girls, that their Mom is a successful small business owner that loves her work.What expansion meansI will continue to provide integrative nutrition services to individuals and will now have shorter wait times for new clients. I am expanding interactive services, such as grocery store tours and pantry makeovers, classes and seminars, nutrition testing, and e-books, videos and other online offerings.Additionally, Nourishing Results will provide more services directly to other health care providers, through workshops, trainings and the creation of custom patient education materials. Please spread the word to physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists and other dietitians that Nourishing Results provides effective staff training that will improve outcomes related to diet and lifestyle.Slow and sure growthHana in officeSince I graduated college in 2002, Nourishing Results has grown slowly but surely. Through graduate school and my dietetic internship I met with and coached clients toward a healthier lifestyle in my home office or at a coffee shop. I've since held office space at ProActive Physical Therapy and for the past few years at the Reproductive Health Center.Nourishing Results was officially established in 2008, when I was working full time at the world-renowned health resort, Canyon Ranch. Seeing clients before and after work proved difficult to sustain, particularly after we had our first sweet little girl, and in the fall of 2010 I resigned from Canyon Ranch and joined the Health Promotion team at the University of Arizona Campus Health Service as a half-time Nutritionist. This wonderful transition allowed for a better work-home balance.How my work has changedCanyon Ranch provided me the clinical experience and analytical training needed to practice integrative nutrition, and the flexible, accepting environment of the Campus Health Service allowed me to solidify a patient-centered integrative model of healthcare.As I cleaned out my office at Campus Health and sorted through 3 1/2 years of nutrition and health related materials and projects, I was struck by how nutrition has changed and how my approach has been affected. In the past few years:

  • I have honed my clinical assessment skills and developed a thorough health assessment process to comprehensively evaluate one's health status and nutrition risk.

  • Gastrointestinal health risen to the forefront of modern medicine. Our understanding of digestive health and the bacteria that reside in our digestive tracts provides opportunities to heal the gut to positively influence physical and mental health.
  • Awareness has mounted related to fertility, reproductive health and nutritional status. Men and women trying to conceive now have greater ability to improve their chances of maintaining a healthy pregnancy, as well as, positively affect the genetic material they pass along to their child, thereby impacting their child's lifelong health.
  • I have become more in tune with disordered eating behaviors, how to assess for them and how to bring awareness to these behaviors through nutrition counseling.

  • The science behind eating disorders has continued developed and I have deeper understanding of how mental health is affected by subclinical nutrient deficiencies and gastrointestinal health.
  • photo-922The research has proven that that the old assertion "calories in plus calories out equals body weight" is not true, nor is the greatest risk to health a high body weight.
  • A plant-based diet consisting of clean, unprocessed ingredients has hit the mainstream. This means the advice I've been giving for 11 years is no longer counter-culture. Now, more than ever, this way of eating is easier to achieve and has begun to be well-accepted by the media and leaders in the field of nutrition and health.
  • Thank you for the support you have provided to Nourishing Results. Keep Spreading the Love, sharing good nutrition information and cooking delicious foods with your friends and family this Holiday Season!

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