What's Your 2014 Exercise Goal?

Last year my husband and I set the goal to run 1000 miles. On New Year's Eve he had 1 mile to go and I had 2 two miles to go. So, on the snowy icy road outside of our cabin in Greer we each ran our last mile or two and met our goal of 1000 miles. Set a goal and track it. This will keep you moving all year long.Here are a few ideas from current and past clients:

  • Create a list of 12 best hikes and schedule them one per month. Some can be hikes near year and others destination hikes.
  • Hold a plank for 1 minute on each side and 2 minutes on the front.
  • Sign up for your first triathlon late this year and train for it.
  • Do hot yoga 45 times.
  • Do 100 or 150 strength training workouts.
  • Do some type of physical activity every other day to achieve 183 workouts this year.

My 2014 Goal: 10,000 minutes of activityThis year my goal will change from a running-centered goal. For a few different reasons this goal should help me diversify my workouts. I want to spend more time with my kids being active. For example, I love to run in Sabino canyon, but that's a good hour run with my kids sitting in the stroller. That time would be better-spent split between running with the stroller and a nature walk so that the kids are active too. I also haven't been in the pool or rode my bike for over a year! That's ridiculous! Again, running is easiest to do with kids and when my goal focuses on running, that's what I stick with. I've been running for long enough that I know I'll run as much as I can without that being the focus of my goal.I want to keep my bones and joints healthy and strong. Sometimes my running goals conflict with lifting weights and I can go for weeks without lifting weights because I am focused on running. I'm also terrible at stretching, and as I get older I feel myself getting stiffer. It's so fun when I lift and stretch at home because my kids workout with me. It's awesome to see them have so much fun working out and trying different exercises with me.Create a goal that is meaningful to you.I have developed my goal with intentions beyond my own physical fitness as I consider how my exercise affects my children. I have also acknowledged my weakness and targeted my goal to overcome these weaknesses. Make some time before January is over to really think about the balance of your life, your current exercise routine and what matters most to you.Know the expert recommendations.This year my goal is based on the  American College of Sports Medicine's recommendations of at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, 2-3 strength training workouts and at least 2 stretching workouts.  These recommendations can be informative but if you are nowhere close to meeting these goals, view these as benchmarks to work towards over the next few years. When starting a new exercise program, or building on an existing program, keep the 10% Rule in mind, which states: Do not increase volume of exercise more than 10% per week. For example, if you are currently exercising 20 minutes twice week, a safe increase would be 22 minutes twice per week.Hana's 2014 Goal

  • 10,000 minutes of activity this year achieved by meeting the targets below
  • 200 minutes on average per week of any type of activity such as running, walking, swimming, hiking, cycling, strength training, stretching, yoga and yard work
  • 3 times per week strength training full body workout
  • 2 times per week a thorough stretching workout or yoga

What's your 2014 workout goal?Post a comment and inspire others!Material on this blog is provided for informational purposes only. It is general information that may not apply to you as an individual, and is not a substitute for personalized nutrition or health advice or healthcare. Never disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical care because of something you have read or accessed through this website.