5 Steps to Celebrating A Healthy Holiday

by Katie Lehn, RD

 Beginning to feel your focus waver this holiday? Here are some concepts to keep in mind throughout this festive season, and really, all year long.1) Take food out of the seat of honorRemind yourself what you love about the holiday season. Maybe it’s singing Christmas carols, gathering your precious community or bringing your grandmother’s decorations out of storage. Learn to cherish the feeling of festivity and gratitude in the air. You may come to realize that food is only one small component of the holiday, so don’t give it the seat of honor.2) Learn to say noOur schedules sure seem to fill up this time of year. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Whether you’re extra busy with work, family or friends, take this as an opportunity to prioritize what matters most to you. Be mindful when planning your day and avoid activities that won’t nourish your soul, and especially those that harm it.3) Practice nourishing self-careTake time for self-care. Schedule at least 15 minutes dedicated to yourself each day. Fill this time with something that brings you joy. This may involve journaling, taking a bath, reading, meditating, drawing, listening to music or, my personal favorite, dancing in your kitchen.4) Stay activePrioritize activity in your routine. Include exercise in your day at least 5 times a week, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Make time in your day and don’t back out. Don’t let the holiday take over your healthy life.  Find a way of being active that you enjoy such as kick boxing, fencing, dancing, cycling, walking your dog, climbing a tree or riding a bike. Get the whole family together to play football, frisbee, take an afternoon hike or even “Rocking around the Christmas Tree.”5) Treat your body as a sacred vesselRemind yourself of what’s important to you and fuel your body with what it deserves.  Provide yourself with the proper nourishment, rest and comfort it truly needs. Be mindful about consumption of alcohol and sweets.  Remember that these are not things your body needs to thrive.