Going Beyond the Calories

by Katie Lehn, RDThis time of year sparks a mindset of new beginnings. Unfortunately, resolutions often dwindle before we’re able to fully commit to them. This year, consider committing yourself to not only diet change, but to lifestyle transformation. Sign-on to not just one resolution, but a life aimed towards nourishing your body. In this sense, nourishment is not exclusive to food but encompasses our mind, body and spirit.The mark of a New Year can inspire us to make a change, but whether one is successful depends on the approach. When it comes to weight loss, we must be smart—diets don’t work, and the calories-in-calories-out model is outdated.This means going beyond calories. The quality of calories matters significantly and makes a difference in both the long and short term. Sure, cutting calories may show quick results, but weight loss from shear calorie restriction does not sustain or support lifelong health, or lifelong weight loss. Focusing on things we can’t have also leads to frustration, cravings and the feeling of deprivation. Those are not sustainable words to live by.Shift your mentality to consumption of good food that provides essential nutrients and nourishment to bring a positive light on your journey to optimal health and successful weight loss.This year, forget about starting a new "diet", a new short term "fix", and instead work towards cultivating your own unique approach to a healthy body, and let the side effect be weight loss. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient on this journey toward health and allow mistakes. Each moment is an opportunity to make a new choice. Ready to begin? Join Nourishing Results for an evening to plant seeds of inspiration and develop ideas to support its growth all year (and all life) long.

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