Celiac Disease Checklist to Share

celiac ribbonToday is Celiac Disease Awareness Day. Today is your opportunity to put an end to the unnecessary the suffering related to undiagnosed celiac disease that affects a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.You may find yourself surprised by the extensive list of symptoms related to celiac disease, and you may even think you have celiac disease! It is important to know the signs of celiac disease and the conditions related to celiac disease so that people at risk can be tested for this genetic, inflammatory, autoimmune condition. Did you know that celiac is the most common genetic condition known to man?People with family members who have celiac disease and people that have autoimmune conditions related to celiac disease are at a high risk for developing the disease. One of the challenges to diagnosing celiac disease is that 41% of people at high risk for celiac disease do not have symptoms (Fasano, 2003), and so they are not screened for the disease and are not treated. Even without symptoms, those with untreated celiac disease are at increased risk for autoimmune diseases, infertility, depression, cancers and even early death. This is why people at high risk for celiac disease should be tested regardless of their symptoms.A Checklist To SharePrint out this checklist and share it with three people today. You might help someone overcome a challenging and complex health problem by simply building awareness of celiac disease. Remember, many people do not have obvious symptoms of celiac disease, so share this resource with people who are perfectly healthy as well as those that you suspect may have celiac.For more information and resources regarding celiac disease:

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