Comforting Chicken and Corn Soup

This is a quick dish with essential healing ingredients: bone broth or stock, spices and extra veggies. I was inspired by a recipe (linked here) but made a few changes to boost the nutrient density and deepen the flavors. A good rule of thumb that we recommend is to always add extra veggies to a standard recipe. Most recipes fall short in the amount of vegetables used, and upping the vegetables in a mixed dish like a soup is a straight forward way to propel you towards meeting your daily phytonutrient needs.These are the adjustments made to this recipe:

  • Added 1 onion and 4 cloves of garlic to add anti-inflammatory nutrients and give deep, delicious flavors. (If you can't tolerate garlic and onion, contact us and we can help you modify your recipes to maintain flavor without these common flavor enhancers).
  • Incorporated carrots in addition to red bell pepper.
  • Increased the amounts of spices used.
  • Used bone broth to provide minerals and healing compounds such as collagen and gelatin that support healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, immunity and digestion.
  • Added a tablespoon of organic tomato paste to give more depth of flavor and an extra hit of antioxidants.