Cooking for One Made Glamorous

Just as autonomy does not equal monotony, cooking for one doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s far from it! It’s time to put a different spin on single life in the kitchen. Whether you find yourself alone in the kitchen every night or just on occasion when a roommate or significant other is away, cooking alone should, and can, be fun.Solo cooking gives you the power to be picky with your palate. When it is just you in the kitchen there’s no need to cook based on someone else’s preferences. So why not go for it? This is the time to celebrate and cultivate your individuality. Take the opportunity to experiment without a panel of judges to critique the end product. If it’s a disaster…you’re the only one who will know!In Cooking for One Made Glamorous we’ll discuss strategies to meal planning, avoiding food waste and remixing leftovers for maximum creativity in the kitchen. It’s time to take your independence in the kitchen to a whole new level. Get inspired by flavor and put your unique creativity to the test by treating yourself to a glorious meal made just for you, by you!

Cooking for One Made GlamorousIt’s Free, Just RSVP!Wednesday, September 28th5:30 pm – 6:30 pm2970 N. Swan, Plaza Palomino Suite 220Seating is limited.To reserve your