Cultivating a Mindful Holiday

As Halloween passes we are in full steam ahead to the holiday season. One must tread lightly; Halloween candy is on sale and this is only the beginning of many temptations to come. Take a moment to think back on your last holiday season. You may notice that health was not at the forefront, and you’re not alone! It’s easy to get distracted by all the ribbons, bows and sparkle of the holidays, but it’s not fair to use this as an excuse.As the holidays approach, you may already notice your attention beginning to shift away from routine. Staying focused throughout the holiday requires a bit more agility than we might be used to. So really, what better time to strengthen your mindfulness muscles than the hustle and bustle of the holidays?As the inevitable stress builds this time of year it’s common to let self-care fall by the wayside, right when we need it most. This year, take some time to tune in. What is most important to you? Who said we have to wait for the New Year to set a resolution? Instead, enter your holiday prepared to withstand temptations before they arise rather than playing catch-up.Why not take the opportunity and tune your priority dial to the “health” setting? This time of year many suffer from poor sleep, indigestion, irritability, sluggishness, guilt and remorse, the last symptoms wanted during the holidays. Fortunately, these can all be avoided by treating your body with respect. Fueling your sacred vessel with what it deserves supports a vibrant life full of energy, good mood, appropriate stress management and even resilience to pesky colds.On November 30th, join Nourishing Results while we cultivate a sustainable resolution for a healthy life ahead.

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