Enjoy eating with your Senses & Flavors

Functional FlavorsIt's flavor season! Food tastes better in November. Fall spices are in full use. Embrace flavor and you can strengthen your immune system, boost your mood, enhance stress resilience and improve overall well-being.Use Your Senses To Improve WellbeingTo increase pleasure and joy while eating, use all of your senses. This will improve appetite regulation and satiety. Satiety is the feeling you get when you are fully satisfied with the food you've eaten. Next time you sit down to eat, calm your mind, even if only for a minute or two at the start and at the end of the meal. Connect with all of your senses. Click here for a downloadable guide to Sensory Eating.Add Functional FlavorsHerbs and spices are nature’s gift! These nutrient dense foods make food delicious and contribute necessary dietary compounds. Herbs and spices are concentrated sources of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Consider herbs and spices a food group and include them will most meals and snacks. Click here for a downloadable guide to Functional Flavors.Make Flavor PunchesFlavor Punches are dips and spreads that add a punch of flavor. This extra flavor punch is an excellent way to boost your intake of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Make one of these Flavor Punches and add it to anything -- scrambled eggs, salads, roasted vegetables, pork chops, a piece of fish or a dollop on rice, beans or quinoa.