Fall Foods Class Recap

IMG_3109The Fall Foods Class last week was a fun gathering. We had a great turnout of curious and excited individuals.My favorite recipe discussed was the “Roasted Delicata Squash with Thyme”. Unlike most winter squash the Delicata’s rind is edible and takes about half the time to cook compared to your traditional butternut or acorn squash. This dish is packed with vitamin A from carotenoids (which can be seen in the yellow tint of the flesh) and has a sweet and tangy flavor. We discussed and demonstrated how to cut this smaller squash into beautiful scalloped rings, which led to tips for cutting larger squash without losing a finger.While de-stemming our leafy greens for the “Hot and Sour Greens” the concept of massaging kale was introduced. If you are not a fan of raw Kale, this method is for you! It will give your kale a more appetizing texture and taste. To massage your kale: add a small amount of acidic liquid to your chopped kale (I prefer lemon juice but vinegar works also), simply massage the greens for about 1 minute, add additional salad toppings and enjoy!I am looking forward to our next class and hope to have offer a class as often as every month. Is there something you’re interested in learning more about? Let us know and I’ll try to fit it into the next class. I look forward to seeing you!-Katie