Fat Makes You Fit?

Earlier this year the Dietary Guidelines for Americans changed. No longer is there a limitation on the category of fats/oils. This is huge, and long overdue! For many years fat has been a nutrient unnecessarily limited and this has had detrimental health effects on all of us. But where does this leave us? Can you eat as much fat as you want? Are all fat-rich foods equal? Fat remains a complex topic and warrants exploration to be able to adapt to a higher-fat diet in a responsible and healthy way.Here are a few benefits that the macronutrient fat provides us:

  • Fat regulates hunger and satiety.
  • Fat sends strong signals to our genes regulating production of hormones and inflammatory compounds.
  • The amount of fat and the food sources of fats impact the microflora (bacteria) in the gut.
  • Fat plays a role in food preparation that impacts the flavor and texture of food.
  • Fat is required to absorb important vitamins and phytonutrients.
  • Fat plays a role in detoxification.
  • Fat increases the "good" cholesterol, HDL cholesterol.
  • Fat can reduce inflammation in the body.

Given the widespread benefits from fat, how did it get such a bad reputation? How do we reconcile years of dietary advice to reduce fat intake? Fat may have counterintuitive properties, but the science is clear, we need to view fat with a different lens.To learn how to incorporate fat into your diet in a responsible way, please attend an upcoming workshop that will explore the science and inform you on what to eat. We will cover these important topics to learn how to include fat in your diet responsibly.

  • Types of fats.
  • Sourcing fats in nutrient-dense foods.
  • What to avoid.
  • Different types of oils, how to choose oils and read labels.
  • Burning oils, smoke points and cooking properties.
  • Address confusing aspects of fat and animal foods (meats, cheese, dairy, fish etc.).
  • What about current diet trends? Paleo, gut-healing and ketogenic diets?
  • How to incorporate fat and still meet other health and weight goals.

You will leave this In-Depth Workshop feeling empowered, having learned about the science of fats, tasted a few new foods, reviewed what to look for in the grocery store and how to be savvy when eating out. Let's be smart and responsible with fats. See you in two weeks at Fat Makes You Fit? You can register online or call or email us with questions or to register.~Hana