July 2014 Challenge: Take the Plunge

I was a lifeguard for years. I would watch children, and adults, walk out to the end of the diving board and debate, worry and wonder, "Should I jump...can I do it...will I have fun...will I get hurt?" They would go back and forth, to the end of the board and back down the stairs. This would be repeated numerous times, until they finally jumped! And then you couldn't stop them; over and over they would jump with glee.This is a great analogy for behavior change. The most painful part is thinking about it. So this month, just jump. Do it. Take the plunge. I am sure that there are numerous things you've read or heard about on this blog or elsewhere and you think, "yeah, I should do that...I really need to do that."This month your Challenge is to Take the Plunge and make a move. Nourishing Results.com has new features and resources that I'll be sharing to support you. I'd also like to hear from you. What do you need to take the plunge? Is there an article or a recipe that would get you closer to making a move? Email me directly (Hana@NourishingResults.com) or post a comment with your request or question.