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Maybe you get posts by email and never go to the homepage. Maybe you see posts on Facebook and go straight to the articles that interest you. If you haven't explored Nourishing lately, you are missing out!There are new Links, a Recipe Index and helpful Categories and Topics to direct you with information relevant to you. This month's challenge is to Take the Plunge and to help you do that, here is a guided tour of Nourishing Navigation BarAcross the top of the homepage you will find 5 drop down menus. Simply click or hover on these to access additional pages.

  • About provides information about me and this website, and gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on the website or submit a testimonial.
  • Services describes how I help individuals, couples and families achieve optimal health, lose weight and manage complex health problems that leave other practitioners scratching their heads.
  • Dietitian's Corner provides tools for registered dietitians to integrate into their practices.
  • Recipe Index lists all of the recipes by type under the headings of Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian/Vegan and Gut Relief.
  • Cookbooks are ready to download and infuse your kitchen with delicious, quick and easy recipes.
  • Search-Looking for an article on PCOS? Or a recipe with fennel? Use the search box to find exactly what you need.
  • Coming soon there will be an additional page with FREE downloadable handouts. Stay tuned.

Featured Articles & RecipesScroll through the Featured posts for Monthly Challenges and timely articles or recipes.Categories & TopicsScroll down a bit and you will find the list of Categories and the Topic cloud, which helps organize the posts.

LinksScroll down a bit more and on the right side of the screen you will find Links to some of my favorite things such as:

  • Alternative Medicine practitioners
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I hope that with additional sources of information, beyond what you find on, you will continue to build your awareness of the power of food and maintain the momentum needed for consistently awesome eating habits. This is an area of the site that I am continuing to expand. Please let me know if there are Links you are interested in seeing.Amazon AffiliatesOne of the Links is to Amazon, which connects you directly to to do all of your usual shopping. When you connect to Amazon through this site, a portion of your purchase will come back to Nourishing Results. Please consider making it a habit to connect to Amazon from this site and you can support Nourishing Results at no additional cost to you.MetagenicsI advocate for customized supplement programs and use a variety of companies to meet the needs of my clients. Metagenics is just one of these high quality companies that I have linked to my site for easier access.VitamixI use my VitaMix at least once a day and frequently recommend it to my clients. It's incredibly easy to whip up veggie smoothies, hummus and veggie dips, frozen treats and homemade snack bars. When you purchase a VitaMix through this site, you will receive free shipping.Dietitians for Professional IntegrityThis is a group of Registered Dietitians who do not support the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' current corporate sponsorship model. I've chosen to link to Dietitians for Professional Integrity as one way to build support for change within the Academy. It is imperative that the Academy move away from food industry sponsored nutrition education, advertising and financial support for dietetic and health professionals.Disclaimer & DisclosuresYou will also find the disclaimer and disclosure statement on the homepage.I absolutely love sharing information and developing this website, but it is only worth it when the site is used! Please explore the site and share it with your friends and family. When you see an area in need of improvement, let me know so I can continue to grow and expand the site.