No Added Sugar Desserts Cookbook

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed I've been a little quiet. The holidays are in full swing and we are doing a lot of cooking and baking in our house! From Thanksgiving to New Year, gathering for holiday meals is important to our family. Desserts are a part of these meals, and I love when the dessert we've prepared is full of good-for-us ingredients. I gives me great pleasure to know that when I serve my family a Nourishing Dessert, that I'm also contributing to their good health. That's our Thanksgiving Apple Crumble pictured above.In November a colleague and I had a great time with our first joint cooking class, Guilt Free Desserts. It was so much fun that I wanted to create something that a wider audience could benefit from.Please enjoy Nourishing Desserts! It is full of delicious desserts that use nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory foods so that dessert becomes nourishing on all levels. Enjoy the pleasure that comes from eating a dessert that is deliciously sweet but that does not contain any added sugar. Not only will you be equipped with recipes, but you will learn tricks that you can use in all of your cooking and baking.Click here to learn more.Happy Holidays!