Nutrition & Thyroid Disease

A friend of mine asked if there was anything that I recommend for thyroid issues. The answer is YES!! Nutrients are involved every step of the way in creating and transforming thyroid hormones, and supporting the use of thyroid hormones in tissues throughout the body. Additionally, nearly all thyroid diseases are autoimmune diseases, however this is rarely discussed in conventional medicine. Thus, the typical management of thyroid disease is narrow and limited to hormone replacement and invasive procedures. However, the reality is that diet and lifestyle play a huge role in treating, and possibly reversing, thyroid disease.The BasicsThyroid disease is typically either hypothyroid disease, in which the thyroid is "slow" or hyperthyroid, in which the thyroid is "fast". The focus of conventional treatment is on the thyroid only, speeding it up in the case of hypothyroid or slowing it down in hyperthyroidism. A holistic approach evaluates the whole body to better understand why the thyroid is "fast" or "slow", identifies and corrects nutrient deficiencies and works to rebalance other body systems that play a role in controlling the function of the thyroid.Step 1To improve thyroid function, direct your focus on balanced, healthy living habits and consider a thyroid-specific supplement called Thyrosol that contains vitamins and minerals required by the thyroid, such as selenium, iodine and b-vitamins. These nutrients are often low in our diets and/or an individual's need for these nutrients can be increased based on genetics and environmental factors. Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids are also essential supplements to support the thyroid.Autoimmune ImmersionThe timing of my friends question is perfect. I could never accurately and completely answer this question in a  blog post. Nor could I direct you to another free online resource to accomplish this...but today we are lucky, because today I CAN direct you to another resource. If you have thyroid disease, or any autoimmune disease, consider listening to the Autoimmune Summit. It's a free educational, online event. Unfortunately, the Summit began yesterday, but you can listen in today and throughout the week to experts discussing whole body treatment for preventing, managing and reversing autoimmune disease. If you are familiar with autoimmune disease, you know that this is a revolutionary concept.If you are science or health-minded and/or would really like to dive in and learn more, consider purchasing the Summit for $67. I purchased it myself because I don't want to miss any of the presentations and I appreciate the transcripts that are provided when you purchase the Summit.Treating autoimmune disease through nutrition and lifestyle is an emerging practice. I've had success personally and with clients. Please contact me with questions.Material on this blog is provided for informational purposes only. It is general information that may not apply to you as an individual, and is not a substitute for personalized nutrition or health advice or healthcare. Never disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical care because of something you have read or accessed through this website.