Reader Question: Which Cooking Oil Should I Use?

Answer: All oils should be expeller-pressed, which means that the oil is extracted from the nut, seed or fruit using by mechanical presses rather than chemical extractions. The other three considerations are health properties, flavor, and smoke point.I've listed/linked below the oils in my pantry and that I most often recommend to clients. I've include more options, along with details on health properties, smoke points, flavors and which oils to avoid, in the table below.The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil becomes unstable. Some oils have low smoke points, and thus are best suited for salad dressings and drizzling on finished dishes, whereas others with higher smoke points are more versatile and can be used cold and at high temperatures.For Flavor:

For Neutral Flavor and High Heat Versatility:

Grass-Fed Butter:

The Details:Click on the image and print it for details on smoke points and best uses for each oil.Cooking Oils To Use and AvoidDon't forget to send your questions to me. You can email me, post a question on a post or submit a question on the homepage link "Ask The Nutritionist". What do you need to know in order to Take the Plunge and make a move towards to health goal?