Fast Food: Sweet Pork Patties, Mashed Butternut Squash & Broccoli

Fast, delicious and healthy...this is what we are all striving for. Well, maybe not all of us; some of you have the flexibility to take your time in the kitchen, and that is a truly wonderful gift. But for many, fast food is a reality and the goal is to make it delicious for your mind, body and tastebuds.This dinner meal nailed it, and I can proudly tell you that with this recipe I won the "Dinner Wars"! That's right, I made it to the final round and won it all! Okay, okay, so Dinner Wars is not the newest TV cooking show, it is a game my kiddos made up at dinner. In this picture Sara, one of the Dinner Wars' judges, is very carefully tasting her meal ready to provide her critique of the meal.IMG_8986I may not have won a TV cooking show, but I did receive this compliment, "this is the best dinner ever Mom", which is, hands down, one of the greatest things this Mom could hear.The bonus to this meal? It was created on a whim, with the somewhat random foods we had available upon returning from vacation and was ready in 30 minutes. I credit my ability to whip up a healthy and quick meal to the diligent meal planning I do 95% of the time. It is rare that I don't have a meal plan for the week. Without organized meal planning and routine grocery shopping I wouldn't have had healthy and unprocessed foods in the fridge and freezer, ready to cook.If you aren't fluent in meal planning, don't miss our next free class! Meal Planning Like A Pro will teach you this essential healthy cooking skill.Happy Cooking~Hana[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:44]