No Oven Required Cooking

As the temperature climbs I am noticing myself starting to sweat in the kitchen. Which means it’s time to break out recipes that don’t require the oven heating up the kitchen. Don’t let the desert heat get in the way of preparing flavorful and nourishing meals! Learn to love summer cooking by getting creative and staying cool in the kitchen.Cooking without heat not only keeps your kitchen cool but also keeps food extra nutritious! Minerals including calcium, potassium and sodium leach into cooking liquid. Loss of water-soluble vitamins, such as B vitamins and vitamin C is dependent on the amount of water used during cooking. For example, broccoli that is steamed vs. boiled will lose less vitamin content throughout the cooking process. Fat-soluble vitamins are more heat stable compared to water-soluble vitamins but can still be lost at high temperatures used when baking or roasting in the oven.Now, with this all in mind there’s no sense in going completely “cold turkey.” Heat can also help us absorb our food’s nutrients more effectively. One example is lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes that is more readily absorbed after cooking. The heat helps to break down the cell walls in the tomato and therefore, releasing more lycopene.But that’s enough science for now! Join Nourishing Results this month and get inspired by quick, fresh and cold cooking concepts. Just because we’re taking out the heat doesn’t mean any flavor or nutrition will be sacrificed. Each attendee will leave with antioxidant rich recipes packed full of flavor. The class will be complete with food demos, knife skills and of course delicious nutrient dense ingredients. Get ready to cool down in the kitchen with some fresh new recipes.

No Oven Required CookingIt’s Free, Just RSVP!Wednesday, June 29th5:30 pm – 6:30 pm2970 N. Swan, Plaza Palomino Suite 220Seating is limited.To reserve your